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The presence of toxic dust , flue gas and water or harmful alkaline soluble gaseous pollutant in industrial exhaust stream can be effectively removed and controlled using wet scrubber. Apzem have a high qualified engineers and designers and consultants have deep knowledge in latest technology and other air pollution control equipments. We design and manufacture and also do erection commissioning of spray scrubber, packed bed scrubber, and venture scrubber. Wet scrubber are optimally designed after understanding your process and hence meets with PCB Norms and Standards. Feel free to call us @ 044-42879231 / 09789066648 or send enquiry. Request For Quote

About Our Wet Scrubber

wet scrubber

Wet scrubber is one of Industrial air pollution control equipment and is mainly used to remove finer dust particles and pressence of water soluable gaseoues pollutants. Also gaseous pollutants that are readily soluable in alkaline / salt solutions can also be effectively scrubbed using wetscrubber. Mainly wetscrubber works on the principle of Gas absorption technology. As it's called wet scrubber, water or other salt solution (Scrubbing Solution) of required concentration is made to contact with exhaust gases so as to get the pollutants to be absorbed with the liquid. By increasing the exhaust gas to Liquid contact time the effeciancy of the scrubber can be Increased. Based on effeciency and pressure drop, the wetscrubbers are generally classified as spraytower, Packed column scrubber and Venturi scrubber. Spray tower is the simplest of all the three with least effeciency and pressure drop. Venturi scrubber is the most effecient wetscrubber and it comes with the cost of high pressure drop. Packed column scrubber as it's named increases the air to liquid contact inside the scrubber with the help of Packings.

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